These videos show how to use planlauf/TERRAIN in addition to the full description in the Manual. If you're a new user it's probably best to start with the basic tutorial on the bottom of the page. Please send us an email if you have any questions.

planlauf/TERRAIN - Download Helper

planlauf/TERRAIN App - Approach Pin

Create track files, 2D maps and 3D models for the mobile app and use the new sharing service


Creating a smooth water surface by editing the tile file

How to create a 3D model from the standard digital terrain model in Nordrhein-Westfalen?

Image Stitching - Creating High Resolution Map Images

Downloading and Importing of Polish LiDAR Data

Install GDAL and FFmpeg and create a model of Maiden Castle

Merging high and low resolution DEMs with pTMerge

Local Relief Visualization

Editing Point Clouds

Fly-throughs with 3D views and Presentation mode


Combining DTM with DSM data


Create an overlay image from a point cloud


Tile Manager


Combination of Local Relief and Filled Tracks


Export clipped Sketchfab model


Image Rectification in planlauf/TERRAIN


Align Model to Image in planlauf/TERRAIN


 How to create a model of Maiden Castle


What's new in planlauf/TERRAIN 2017 R3?

0:00 Overview
0:25 Import Point Clouds
2:40 Adjust Local Relief Parameters
3:40 Local Relief Visualization
4:30 Image Overlay
5:20 Fly-through

What's new in planlauf/TERRAIN 2017 R2?

0:00 New regions in planlauf/TERRAIN's Mesh Decimation Service
0:40 Video recording with the help of FFmpeg
1:45 planlauf/TERRAIN Zip-packages from Twitter
2:05 Look-around animation feature

What's new in planlauf/TERRAIN 2017 R1?

00:25 Use the free version of planlauf/TERRAIN
00:40 Request a planlauf/TERRAIN Zip-package
02:35 Purchase Mesh Decimation Keys
03:20 Store your keys
03:55 Save and open the requested Zip-package
04:25 Edit trackpoints
05:10 Record a GPS track
05:30 Follow a track and center the model to the current location
05:45 Follow a track and align the model to the current track direction
06:35 Approach a point of interest
07:25 GPS location mode

planlauf/TERRAIN Video Tutorial

00:20 Download and install planlauf/TERRAIN
01:05 Display settings
01:35 Configure Bluetooth GPS receiver
02:50 Camera setup
03:00 Enter Bing Maps key
03:10 Download and install GDAL
04:20 Import XYZ-files and save a Tile file
06:15 Create a Terrain file
06:45 Zoom/Pan/Rotate
07:55 Set pins and plan a track
09:30 Edit pins and tracks
09:50 Bing Maps
10:30 Section plane
10:50 Import/export GPX and KML files
11:00 Crater detection
12:20 Heatmap
12:50 Fly-through
13:35 Screenshots
14:00 Import raster file via GDAL
15:05 Log a GPS track and take pictures
17:50 Create a zip package
18:05 Open zip package
18:55 Browse pictures